Quotes da SLLConf 2011

Como todos já devem estar sabendo, ontem aconteceu a edição 2011 da Startup Lessons Learned Conference (SLLConf).

Assim como no ano passado, aos poucos farei observações em detalhes sobre algumas palestras, mas para aproveitar o embalo fiz a compilação de alguns ótimos quotes que foram ditos pelos palestrantes ao longo do dia. Seguem abaixo:

“It’s no longer “Can we build it?”. We gotta ask ourselves “Should we build it?”” – Eric Ries

“Better to have bad news that’s true than good news we made up” – Eric Ries

“If you succeed, you are more likely to fail next time unless you self-correct” – Mitch Kapor

“The capacity for self-delusion is infinite” – Mitch Kapor

“I don’t like self-funded companies. It’s too easy to make excuses about why things are not going well.” – Mitch Kapor

“You must be high if you think entrepreneurship makes financial sense. But money isn’t everything.” – David Binetti

“Why Lean? It mitigates your own reality distortion field.” – David Binetti

“Why Lean? It helps you convert Market Risk into Technical Risk” – David Binetti

“PR and vanity metrics give the illusion of progress.” – David Binetti

“The answer is not on your whiteboard. Go talk to customers.” – David Binetti

“You can’t A/B test your way to a successful business” – David Binetti

“Continuous deployment doesn’t mean our product changes 30 times a day, it means we can be responsive.” – Pascal-Louis Perez

“Do not create a company culture where it’s a contest of who can create the best PowerPoint.” Brad Smith

“If you don’t have innovation coming out of your company, look in the mirror. It’s you.” – Brad Smith

“Build just in time, not just in case” – Brad Smith

“Teams no bigger than two pizzas can feed” – Brad Smith

“Worst management philosophy is a genius with a thousand Helpers” – Brad Smith

“It’s easy to quickly get grandiose ideas, important to work with most basic version” – Manuel Rosso

“People don’t care if you support everything, they care that you support what THEY use” – Manuel Rosso

“When you’re interacting with users and you can anticipate what they are about to say, it’s time to move on” – Manuel Rosso

“The main responsibility of person doing 5 why’s is educating” – Roy Bahat

“Adoration of your peers is not product-market fit.” – Adam Wiggins

“Not sure if you’re near product-market fit? Are you trending towards it or improving less and less and less…” – Eric Ries

“Pretty pixels are important but not sufficient” – Janice Fraser

“Prove <-> Improve. Test <-> invest.” – Janice Fraser

“Test in pennies, scale in dollars.” – Janice Fraser

“(in the old days) We would test to make sure [our waterfall product] was going well, and if it wasn’t, we’d launch anyways” – Jeff Gothelf

“Human to human communication always beats paper to human communication” – Jeff Gothelf

“Startups that pivot 1 or 2 times raise more money, have more users, than companies who don’t pivot or pivot more often.” – Steve Blank

“Essentials of how to do a startup do not include writing a business plan” – Steve Blank

“Good VCs have 50 to 100x more pattern recognition than entrepreneurs” – Steve Blank

“Good boards ask hard questions.” – Steve Blank

“What should matter is metrics and how I am progressing in search for business model.” – Steve Blank

“Find great people, and then get out of the way.” – Drew Houston

“Although we’ve read the bible, sometimes it’s hard to go to church.” – Drew Houston

“Figuring out what your customers want is your job, not theirs.” – Drew Houston

“Your customer is not your user” – Clara Shih

“Copernicus and Galileo were persecuted for scientific findings. It has to be OK to share good AND bad news in your company.” – James Birchler

“Arguing over a decision in your company? Run an experiment on your customers and prove it.” – James Birchler

“A/B testing without consulting the overall vision leads to muddled, ineffective products.” – James Birchler

“What’s the problem we’re trying to solve? What does success look like? How do we fail?” – Suneel Gupta

“MVP is not an excuse to think small” – Suneel Gupta


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